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3 ways to start a websiteTemp3.net Web Design

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3 Ways to Start a Website

Pay someone else

This is probably the most expensive out-of-pocket route, but it is there if you wish to take it. There are many people, like me and others, that will be glad to do the work for you. The difference you have know some knowledge about website building. Now when you go hire someone you can ask relevant question and be sure you aren't be scammed. Know this, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Try to hold yourself from being cheap and getting some programmer you found online that will build you a website for $20. While it might be true, it probably won't end quite the way you want it to. My advice is either to find someone local or at least someone who is available to Skype with or talk over the phone. I have heard some horror stories in this department that I don't really care to repeat. If money is an issue, consider hiring a young high school or better yet a college student. Having someone with little experience is not as bad as you might think.


Do it yourself

This might be the most time consuming, but it is the most rewarding. If you do decide to it yourself, make sure you have the time, are a fast learner and are generally above average on a computer. Just because you know how to logging in to Facebook and check emails on Gmail doesn't mean you are ready to take the construction of your website on yourself. Fear not, there is a lot of help available to you online, but it is a changeling task. Many people chose this option just to find out they don't have all the tools they need and give up half way through. You have to be committed, have a plan and stick to it. This is the route I chose to take and in the following stages I will go into every detail I can about what I did and what I am doing as I go along.


Using a Framework

Frameworks are not new by any means. The first frame work is dated back to 1993 named Common Gateway Interface or CGI for short. We have come a long way since then and Frameworks have become very powerful. Some of the popular ones include but aren't limited to Drupal, Joomla, Rails, Yii Framework and etc. There are also tools like wikis and blogging platforms that for the sake of argument we will consider Framework. So what does all that mean? A Framework takes away all the overhead of building a website and give you some tools that can make your life a lot easier. Should you do it? It depends, if you are considering it you probably have some basic web skills and can figure it out by yourself. Most of these Frameworks are very well commented and well supported by large communities. In the mean time I will wish you good luck with these.

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