Getting Back to Business

For a while I haven't had the time to allocate for the continuation update of this website (or any other). For that I wish to apologize to anyone reading this. In a mean to try to restart my ongoing effort to maintain writing, I want to make a small recap of what this website is for and where I aim it to be, along with where we are at and where I want to move forward with it.


What is about?

For a while, I was debating what this website was actually about. I think I got it more or less down, but things might change in the future. I want to become a learning center for beginners and advance users to learn how to start and maintain an online persona. Many people struggle with the simplest tasks online and I want to close that gap of knowlege. I know that there are many books out there and other websites that offer similar information, but from what I saw so far it isn't limited to one website, nor is it free. will always be a free source to learn web design, SEO, web marketing and other online tips & tricks.


Where is now?

To be honest, the site is in the gatter. To be completely transparent I will try to pull up the Google Analytics statisics for the past month(s). I will try to use this website to show you more then anything that you can succeeded online. Many websites fail to show the practical aspects of how-to. I am a strong believer in the division between theory and practice, both equally imported for any subject. We are about to start over from scratch and show you (and everyone) how to start a website and make it grow.


Where are we going? 

The sky is the limit. Seriously. If anyone has anything to give, thoughts, comments, an article they want posted, please let me know. I will promise to do my best to accommodate any requests. I want this to become a commuintiy of thought, not a monotone voice.


Next post: Recap of the past.