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SEO Truths

Let’s have an open talk about SEO and SEM. Both these terms are used so frequently these days, but many are still confused on what they actually mean. Please note that I am by no means an expert on web marketing. All the information to follow are evidence I have collected over the past 2 years and the conclusions I have made are completely biased. That being said if you wish to correct me I am more than open to suggestion and comments. If I am wrong about anything and you can prove it, please do. I will update this post immediately if I am wrong.

So, what is SEO? What is SEM? Lucky for me that’s about the only thing everyone can agree on. SEO stands for search engine optimization and SEM stands for Search engine marketing. Great, now what? Well, now its fuzzy. Most of the research I have conducted was about SEO, I know less about SEM at the time I am writing this. Rest assure I will not leave it out. However, I am going to start by addressing SEO.

SEO is the method that become popular in optimizing a web page or an entire site to be more search engine friendly. There are a number of big search engines, but the most popular of them is google. Now matter how much time and money you spend, if google doesn’t like you, the effort is futile. Although google tries to help with there SEO guideline, not much is really known about the search algorithms of google. If anyone claims differently they are lying to you and want your money. I will get back to Google’s guideline in a bit, but I want it to be absolutely clear. No one knows the inner works of Google’s search algorithm. We have some ideas about it, but there is no secret method that has been found by a guru. Save your money, weather it’s a free e-book or a thousand dollar seminar. They all come done to a few points that everyone agrees on and a lot that is up to debate.

Let’s go back to Google’s SEO guideline. I do urge you to read through it and take from it what you need. Check out Google’s SEO guideline summary. The tips coming from google are those everyone agrees on, and in theory are all you need, but the Internet is doesn’t work in theory mode. In reality, the SEO guideline is meant for webmaster. For individuals that have been creating web pages professionally. All the guides, secrets, e-books, seminars or what ever others are trying to sell you is elaboration on Google’s guide. So what you really pay for is for someone to explain you things you can find out for free.

If you read carefully every blog about SEO or book or the guideline it comes done to a few points that will probabbly help your SEO ranking:

  • Write content, describe everything and don’t be ambiguous.
  • Be real and non automated. The internet is for humans, not robots.
  • Do not force visitors to your site, allow them to come naturally.
  • Be patient

Now of course there are many more points you will need to consider, but these are what it comes down to. I will continue to follow this post with supporting posts describing how and what you can do to improve your SEO. The main point I am trying to get you to acknowledge is that all the evidence are that SEO, is something that is comply in your control and is free. You don’t need to spend money and give your hard earned cash to anyone and there is no “Rank #1 in google tomorrow” way.

If you do choose to be patient, over the next couple of weeks I will have all the guides up that will take you from A-Z on website optimization, SEO, SEM or whatever you want to call it. If you can’t wait and have to spend $$$ for that one pice of software that claims will make you climb to the top of the charts overnight, go ahead. I can guaranty you that won’t happen. If it does I will personally give you $1,000 and post on how wrong I am, but that won’t happen.


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