Website Programming - Personalize Approach

by Kiesha Canori

Suppose there is a big e-commerce store consisting of plenty of products with lots of variations so it is difficult to get your targeted products through traditional navigation even with advance search engines used on that site is taking some long and only due to this reason this site may lost big amount on the table. This situation is akin to the information or content available on the web which is so huge. So what would be a solution for this? How can we make easily available the information or content that users want?

The best approach is that then brings users through various internet marketing tactics on the site on various landing pages and then watch their overall approach to the site, the behavior of the users, their preferences and their choices, their likeness and dis-likeness, where their mouse moving and which buttons they are clicking, what are their targets, selection of main products and related products, their wish lists, their personal information like gender, birth date, location, etc.

If possible mark that whether they read or write reviews, participate in rating, their behavior toward shopping cart so that you can see that they have budgets or not since they put items and remove in order to adjust their budgets. Use of payment methods, selection of shipping modes, interest in promotional incentives, accessing devices like desktops, laptops, Smartphones, tablets, etc., Choice of colors, design patterns, aesthetics, cultural influences and lots many things you can successfully measure through latest technologies available to implement personalization or recommended techniques.

Now you will ask that what is this personalization or recommendation technologies or personalized approach towards website programming. There are many software, scripts, algorithms, plug-ins, extensions, analytical tools, hardware sensors, sensors, software, etc. Available in the market to get all information described in previous paragraphs. They don't only collect such big data of intensive information and analysis but also capable to respond accordingly and give their loyal customers or first time prospects what they intended to express through various behaviors.

They greet your visitors with offering their personal choices so your visitors feel extreme comfort and security as well trusts on your website or applications in handheld devices like Smartphones and tablets. This personalized approach during website programming is basically adhering to the concept of user-centric designing practices where everything revolves around the user and goals of the website are also mingling with the goals of the user.

Now we will think about the various aspects when we are going to website programming for content driven websites using personalized approach or recommendation technology. Also think that how to design and do website programming for dynamic content, technical considerations, different types of algorithms and filters that make possible to evolve the logic to bring personalization. Actually personalization is a mix of on-site behavioral tracking as we described in the example of an e - commerce site, predictive algorithms and on-site content and experience adoption.

In order to effectively implement personalization/ recommendation in your website programming you need to:

Know your visitors

Creating website with personalization perspectives doesn't mean that you dump any sort of content on the site but you need to know your users that who they are and what they want and with this knowledge you can design personalization to introduce techniques in the way of the visitor's journey just to facilitate her to achieve her target easily and rapidly.

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